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Why is Remember Me Thursday, September 25, important to animal lovers everywhere?


“I have spent more than 40 years of my life saving animals and I have kept focused on the lives saved. In doing so, I was closing my eyes to the ones lost. Now I want the world to to know those lost pets were loved and cared for. By lighting a candle, we will remember how beautiful these pets were, and that we must work to continue the saving of lives.”

Please light a real or virtual candle on September 25 to remember the orphan pets we lost and shine a light on the ones we can save @

Check out the exceptional care provided at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


“One of the largest efforts of its kind in California, the hospital’s ECMO program serves patients in the neonatal, pediatric and cardiothoracic intensive care units. More than 1,100 children have received lifesaving ECMO care at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles since the program’s inception in the hospital’s Newborn and Infant Critical Care Unit (NICCU) in 1987. ECMO is a treatment that uses a pump to circulate blood through an artificial lung outside the body and back into the blood stream of an ill child, giving the heart and lungs a chance to grow or heal while their work is handled by this external system. It requires a high-functioning, multidisciplinary team, including ECMO specialists at the patient’s bedside, neonatologists, intensivists, surgeons, perfusionists, nurses, respiratory therapists, cardiologists and neuro-radiologists. In addition, the 24-hour availability of a dedicated emergency transport team and the hospital’s blood bank are integral to the ECMO team. With the ability to coordinate a wide range of pediatric subspecialists and services under one roof, the ECMO program can treat the most difficult of cases. Typically used as a last-resort when the infant or child is not responding to standard treatment, ECMO technology increases survival rate by up to 80 percent.” to read more click here